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Senate to debate transgender bathroom bill today


Dan Patrick

Today hundreds of people from across the state will land at the Capitol of Texas to weigh in on the so-called transgender bathroom bill.

Members of the Senate State Affairs Committee will debate Senate Bill 6, which would bar transgender people from using the restrooms, lockers and changing rooms that correspond to their gender identity in public schools and government buildings.  Bill 6 would also nix city laws that explicitly protect this access.


Lt. Gov Dan Patrick is the bill’s most vocal proponent and recently held a news conference to announce he was seeking “one million voices,” mostly from the Christian community, to support the bill. Patrick said, “This is not an LGBT issue. This is not a transgender issue.”

Patrick went on to say the bill was “meant to keep men and boys out of women’s bathrooms and showers.”  The bill is expected to pass in the Senate, however it will have a tougher road ahead in the House.

Hundreds of people at Monday’s Trans Texan Lobbying Day outnumbered attendees in previous years, and they came to tell lawmakers they oppose the bathroom bill.

North Carolina passed the same bill this year, which has cost that state hundreds of millions of dollars and resulted in canceled sporting events and corporate expansion plans.

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