As we roll into the fall, it is time to take stock of the golf season and plan for the next one. Throughout the summer months, my articles have covered a range of topics including chipping, pitching, driving and practice. My goal with each tip has been to give golfers something to think about when they practice and play.

Although golf tips are fun to think about, they may, or may not, address your specific problem or help your long-term development. For example, a tip about chipping may tell you to do ‘X.’ But you may already do too much of ‘X’ so the tip could potentially make your golf game worse, not better! Or the golf tip may just encourage you to improve an area of your game that is already good instead of addressing a weakness.

The good news is that Pine Ridge is offering you a solution to be more strategic about your improvement this fall. On Dec. 9, Pine Ridge Golf Course will offer golf skills testing. You will have a chance to warm up and then complete a battery of skill tests to learn where the strengths and weaknesses are in your game. This assessment will give you a benchmark to direct your practice, and monitor improvement.

I hope you can join us! Registration is required. Please sign up here:

featured sue shapcottSue Shapcott, PGA of GB&I is the Director of Instruction at Change Golf Instruction. Change Golf Instruction partners with Pine Ridge Golf Course in Paris, TX and provides accessible golf instruction to help players learn and improve their golf. For more information visit