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GISD officials answer questions about new teacher raises


Late last week, Greenville Independent School District Board of Trustees approved a 3-percent midpoint salary increase for teachers and staff. According to Chief Communications Officer Helen Williams, this salary increase was made possible due to voters approving the tax ratification election, also known as the “Swap and Drop.” “We are so glad that the community supported the TRE, making raises possible for our teachers and other employees,” Williams said. Assistant Superintendent of Business Operations Deidra Reeves has answered some of the more popular questions about the salary increase below:

Q.      Now that the TRE has been passed by the voters, now what? 


A.        The school board has scheduled a special called meeting for this Friday to approve the new budget which includes a 3-percent midpoint pay raise for all staff.  Should the school board approve the proposed budget, this timeline will allow the new budget to be adopted in time to include raises in the Nov. 13 payroll.


Q.      Do we know an approximate possibility of when the raise amounts will be given? 

A.        Our finance department is working diligently to get the raises and retro-pay out to our bank in order for it to be in your Nov. 13 paycheck.  Here’s how the retro and raise will work:


·       Teachers will receive a $1,500 yearly increase (3-percent midpoint of teacher pay scale).

·       Retro will be based on 2018-19 contract start date through Oct. 31

·       You will receive a $125/month ($62.50 per paycheck) gross increase for the remainder of your contract.


·       Raises will be based on 3 percent of the midpoint salary for your position’s Pay Grade

·       Retro-pay will be based on 2018-19 contract start date through Oct. 31

·       You will receive your calculated gross increase in equal amounts for the remainder of the work year


Q.      Will the raise be in addition to receiving “steps”? 

GISD determined that the step system did not allow us to keep equity for our teachers that remained committed to GISD.   Therefore, we have dissolved the step system and will publish a pay scale that will reflect teacher pay for incoming, new-to-GISD teachers. Therefore, when raises are given, it will be based on a percentage of the midpoint and all the raises will be the same based on the pay grade. This will also favor teachers with tenure in GISD and prevent newly hired teachers, with the same years of experience as current GISD teachers, from having a higher salary.


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