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Greenville Police Department warns of suspicious activity


The Greenville Police Department has informed us of a suspicious man driving a silver F-150 Ford
pickup truck and offering a ride to a female student.
Police immediately identified the man and warned him not to speak to children.

Student and staff safety is always our top priority, and although Greenville Police has addressed
the issue with the man, out of an abundance of caution, we want to let you know to remind your
children about stranger danger and what to do if a stranger approaches them.

Here are some stranger danger tips to discuss:
• Always tell your parents where you are going.
• Try not to walk anywhere alone. Walk with a friend.
• Don’t take shortcuts through the woods, a back street or empty lot.
• Bad people do not always look mean or scary.
• Do not get close to strangers. Make sure you have room to run.
• Don’t tell your name or address to a stranger.
• Never go with a stranger to help look for a lost pet or play a game.
• Never get into a car with anyone you don’t know.
• If a stranger bothers you, run away and ask an adult for help.
• Know safe places you can go – a police or fire station, the library, a store or a friend’s
• If a stranger follows you or grabs for you, yell loud! Shout, “I don’t know you!” Fight
back and make as much noise as you can.
• If anyone touches you in a bad way, say, “NO!” Get away and tell an adult you
trust. Keep telling until someone listens.
• Tell your parents about places you don’t feel safe.
• Talk to your parents and come up with a secret code word. Never go with anyone unless
they know the secret code word.

If your children are old enough to stay home alone, review these tips:
• Know how and when to call 911.
• Never open the door to a stranger.
• Never tell anyone on the phone you are home alone.
• Never tell any callers your name, number or address.
• Hang up right away if you do not like what someone is saying on the phone.


To report suspicious activity, immediately contact Greenville Police at 903-457-2900, Greenville
ISD Police at 903-269-0055 or call 911.



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