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Bowie Ace students win statewide award for designing launcher


Photo provided by GISD.

Ever heard the quote, “Don’t run from challenges, run over them?”

Well, in the case of Bowie Elementary’s ACE students, they not only ran over an engineering challenge, but they also built a launcher that catapulted them to victory as one of five state winners.

The project was in response to a challenge from Fluor, one of the top engineering and construction companies in the world. When Greenville ISD ACE STEM Specialist Tim Vangeloff heard about the challenge, he immediately got to work training campus aides and site coordinators, who worked with students using the eight-step design process to create a launcher that met all the criteria.


Thanks to the following Bowie Elementary ACE aide and students who won the Fluor Challenge with their work and dedication:

  • Jason Imhoff (ACE Engagement Aide)
  • Bella Deleon (second-grade student)
  • Shaily Gonzales (third-grade student)
  • Ashton James (fourth-grade student)

Dallas Afterschool and Texas Partnership for Out of School Time (TXPOST) are partners in the Fluor Challenge.

“Students took on the Fluor Challenge in the supportive afterschool environment and demonstrated that all youth are engineers in the making.  TXPOST is thrilled to partner with Fluor to offer this opportunity to afterschool providers statewide as a part of Lights On Afterschool” said BiNi Coleman, TXPOST Interim Executive Director.  “This year’s Lights On Afterschool across Texas demonstrated how powerful hands-on learning can be in the afterschool space and its vital role in supporting youth and families across the state.”

Over 723 after-school programs celebrated Lights on Afterschool across Texas by completing the Fluor Engineering Challenge as part of their Lights On Afterschool celebration.  Lights On Afterschool is a national day of advocacy that began in 2000 and celebrates the power of afterschool programs in supporting youth and families. Over 8,000 events were hosted across the nation and with almost 1 million students and families.

The Texas Partnership for Out of School Time (TXPOST) is a statewide non-profit dedicated to increasing access to high-quality afterschool programs across the Lone Star state. TXPOST partnered with Fluor to promote engaging STEM activities that could be implemented as a part of Lights on Afterschool celebrations. Fluor works with the expert team of scientists and educators at Science Buddies to adapt design competitions developed by its employees into student- and afterschool-friendly projects that provide young people with the opportunity to experience how real-life engineers design solutions and show first-hand how fun engineering can be.