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Proposal for $5K teacher pay raise won’t help librarians, counselors, bus drivers


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A proposal to give each Texan school teacher a $5,000 pay raise won’t help librarians, bus drivers or counselors if Senate Bill 3 passes.

SB3 allocates $3.7 billion over the course of two years to be distributed to Texan school teachers, offering each one a $5,000 pay raise.

Touted as a way to retain teachers and recognize them, critics say the bill leaves out some important people in school children’s lives.


“Librarians work just like teachers,” Becky Calzada, a school library coordinator in Leander, told the Austin-American Statesman. “They are credentialed. They have a teacher certification that they maintain with an additional library certification, so if you observe what we do, you’ll quickly see we’re leading instruction and servicing all students on campus.”

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“As a former teacher, I understand how important librarians, counselors, nurses and other employees are to public education,” the bill’s author, Sen. Jane Nelson, R-Flower Mound told the Statesman. “There is nothing in this bill that prevents districts from raising those salaries. SB 3 prioritizes resources to invest in classroom teachers, who are the key to ensuring that our students succeed.”

The Senate Finance Committee will consider SB3 today during a hearing at the Capitol.

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