Paris Junior College is pleased to release the certified roll of graduates from the fifth fall graduation ceremony held Friday, Dec. 15, 2017, in the Hunt Center.

According to PJC President Dr. Pamela Anglin, there were 122 male and 108 female graduates from the fall semester, a change from a longtime trend of women outnumbering men.

Following are the graduates from the area and their hometowns.

Alba: Kristen Brickey
Caddo Mills: Samson Bowman, Lindsey Carrell, Clayton Florio, Jaylynn Gracy, Kristen Humphries, Mary Wheeler
Campbell: Nicholas Dawson, Kandice Myers
Celeste: Hannah Palmer, Mackenzie Parks
Commerce: Kamie Busby, Kendall Snyder
Emory: Destri Danley, Katrina Mays, Desire Tucker
Greenville: Kendria Alexander, Holly Bennett, Mireya Calderon, Alexander Coelho, Kirstin Cunningham, Emily Dunn, Cristina Gamboa, Kenneth Gamez, Kaden Gomez, Devan Harris, Jacob Hausey, Mackenzie Hurst, Miranda Lee, Jefferey May, Jessica McGinn, Erin O’Neal, Karina Paulin, Christopher Pence, Alexis Perez-Lopez, Beverly Price, Isaac Ramirez, Falon Riley, Jacob Robinson, Randi Rosson, Carli Smith, Dalila Vasquez, Katy Wall, Colleen Zimmerman
Leonard: Amy Riley
Quinlan: Ruby Acosta

Students from the area receiving certificates:

Alba: Kristen Brickey
Caddo Mills: Samson Bowman, Clayton Florio
Campbell: Jake Lueck, Kandice Myers
Celeste: Hannah Palmer, Mackenzie Parks, Rick Winters
Commerce: Kamie Busby, Tyjire Smith, Kendall Snyder
Cooper: Colton Barnard
Cumby: Ty Holland
Emory: Desire Tucker
Enloe: Jacob Couch
Greenville: Kendria Alexander, Alexander Coelho, Alex Coppinger, Kirstin Cunningham, Emily Dunn, Kenneth Gamez, Bradley Gant, Kaden Gomez, Devan Harris, Mackenzie Hurst, Whitney Jones, Jessica McGinn, Karina Paulin, Alexis Perez-Lopez, Tanner Prestien, Beverly Price, Isaac Ramirez, Katy Wall
Honey Grove: Kayleb Kay
Leonard: Maria Eastin
Royse City: Dylan Richardson
Telephone: Jayme Meek