Gerry Morris - Greenville, Past Present and Future

I’ve been lifetime resident of Greenville, except for a few years in Houston. It was living away then returning that put Greenville in a new perspective. I’ve grown to treasure my memories, appreciate life now and look forward to all the new exciting things that seem to be happening in Greenville. All the while, I am making new memories here in the town I love. In this column, Greenville, Past Present and Future, I’ll be sharing some of my wonderful, funny and interesting memories and connecting them to current and upcoming events to hopefully give readers a broader context, sense of history, a new perspective and appreciation of what a great place Greenville is to live.

As my beautiful wife Mary Jane always says, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, but today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present!”

Gerry Morris - Greenville, Past Present and Future


Gerry Morris is an eGreenvilleExtra Contributor, read more from Morris at this link.




  1. Congrats Gerry
    Would like to know about you acquiring your house, I always knew it as Ms. Wilson’s house. After she retired she seemed to always be out working in her garden.
    Also your father seemed to be a really interesting man. How did your family come to Greenville.
    Will be eager to read your column. Good Luck on your endeavors. My best to your lovely wife, Mary Jane.

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