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Where is Lisa Lee Chandler? || eExtra Cold Case Files


Lisa Lee Chandler is the first in a series of Cold Case Files from eGreenvilleExtra.com.

More than a decade after then-44-year-old Chandler seemingly vanished out of existence, Greenville officials are looking for new leads to solve her case.

Lisa Chandler
Lisa Chandler

A Little Background


• Lisa is a mother of two sons who live in Louisiana. She and her ex-husband had recently separated prior to her disappearance and, according to friends and family, they didn’t get along well. The property she lived on was her property, which she had shared with her former husband during their relationship. 

• While investigating, Hunt County Sheriff Sergeant Jeff Haines said he found she suffered from some mental health issues and had a few physical health problems, as well, including stomach pains. Haines said he learned she was seeing a doctor for the ailments and was taking prescription medication for those problems.

Chandler house
Lisa Chandler’s house was left unlocked with her pit bull running around inside the fence.

The Night Before

• The night before her disappearance, she spoke with her family on the phone and said she planned on seeing her doctor in Louisiana for an upset stomach the next day, Sept. 24, 2007. Unable to get hold of her after they spoke, her family drove to her home in the 5500 block of Hwy. 34 in Wolfe City. Instead of greeting her with open arms, they were left with terror and uncertainty when they found her home empty with no trace of where she had gone.

Seemingly Vanished

• Chandler left without her purse, cigarettes, keys, etc. In addition, her house was left unlocked with the windows open and her pit bull running around in the front yard, indicating the disappearance may not have been planned. However, Haines said there were no signs of a struggle and her bank accounts have not been used since her disappearance.

• According to records, dogs tracked her scent south along the South Sulphur Bridge for five miles before they lost the scent, indicating she may have been picked up by a passing motorist.

• The initial search covered about 500 acres and involved both people and dogs. An additional 2,000 acres have been searched since then.

The initial search covered about 500 acres and involved both people and dogs. An additional 2,000 acres have been searched since then.

Possible Foul Play

• Chandler was last seen in her Wolfe City home Sept. 23, 2007, around 5 p.m. Since then, she has not been seen or heard from again.

• Authorities believe it is possible foul play could be responsible for her disappearance as some of her friends were reportedly involved with drugs.

Tips and Leads

• A person of interest has been identified in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana, however, their name is not being released to the public. They have been interviewed several times, with nothing productive coming from the interviews, Haines said.

• In 2009, the CID team thought they had a good lead in the river, but the bones found were determined to be animal and not human.

• Anyone with information is urged to call the HCSO at 903-453-6800.

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