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Toys for Tots Hunt County is back || Taking donations at the fair


Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots Hunt County is back and is set up at the fair to receive donations.

“I wanted to become the coordinator for the Hunt County Toys for Tots because I saw the need in this county to help underprivileged kids,” said coordinator Teri Roundtree. “Hunt County has not had a campaign for approximately 10 years. We have plenty of children in need in this county.  I thought Toys for Tots would be a great way to help.”
Toys for Tots Hunt County is set up inside the building at the Hunt County Fair all week.
“We know it is early to think about Christmas,” Roundtree said. “What people may not know is how much work it actually takes to make a campaign like this happen. It is a year-round job. It may also be a surprise to many that the staff is all volunteer including the coordinator position. We will be reaching out to the community for volunteers to help us on this journey. In fact, they can go to our website right now and apply to be a volunteer.”

Amanda Cutshall
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