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Bill could end twice-a-year time change for Oklahoma


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A bill which will be considered in the upcoming legislative session could end time changes in Oklahoma, making it central standard time year-round.

House Bill 1117, sponsored by state Rep. Kevin West (R-Cleveland County), will be considered Feb. 4, 2019.

If passed, the new time change standard would begin Nov. 1, 2019.


According to the Associated Press, under the bill, Oklahoma residents will still move clocks ahead one hour in March, but will no longer move clocks back an hour in November.

Three other states already have similar bills: Arizona, Hawaii and Indiana.


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  1. Ok, if they move clocks ahead in March, they’ll be on daylight savings time. If they do not move them back in November, they’ll stay on DST not central standard time. Which is it? They can’t call it CST if others in the central time zone change their clocks.

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