The Hunt County Sheriff’s Office has been diligently working on two cold cases involving missing persons, Carey Mae Parker and Lisa Lee Chandler.

The Sheriff’s Office received information this week that the Carey Mae Parker case might be affiliated with a case known as “El Dorado Jane” out of El Dorado, Arkansas.

In comparing the two cases, the last known sighting of Carey Parker was in the spring of 1991. The person known as “El Dorado Jane” was murdered in Arkansas in July 1991. In comparing some of the photographs of the two women it was noted that some facial features were similar as well as other similarities between the cases.

It was requested that a comparison search be conducted through the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NAMUS) and the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS). Unfortunately, the comparisons returned as a negative match.

Additional information is being looked into regarding the Lisa Lee Chandler case that has come available and we will hopefully be able to provide an update on that case in the near future, said Jeff Haines of the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office.

“I am asking anyone that knows Lisa Chandler or Carey Parker to contact Sgt. Jeff Haines at 903-453-6809 and provide any information you may have. Any piece of information that we can learn is important,” said Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks.