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On February 28, 2019, at 7:52 p.m., the Greenville Police Department received a report of an accident involving a pedestrian in the 1400 block of Lee Street. 

Kathy Lucas, Greenville Public Information Officer, said that upon arrival, officers discovered a pedestrian had been struck by a cargo truck.

“The pedestrian, who was attempting to cross the roadway while walking on the railroad tracks, was killed,” she said. “The pedestrian was 12 years old.”

An accident investigator was contacted to investigate the accident scene. No further information is available at this time.



  1. My heart goes out to this family. So terribly sad.

    What is a “cargo truck?” Is that an 18-wheeler? Large trucks are supposed to go around Greenville, not down Lee St., but that’s not enforced. I hope that the City and TXDOT can look in to this and prevent such tragedies.

  2. My condolences to the Family and I pray that God comforts them in their troubled hearts. 🙏

  3. My condolences and prayers go to this family during this tragic time. Its very upsetting . i hope and prsy everything gets done and all questions answered.

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