A chemical spill has caused extensive delays at the United States Postal Service distribution office in Coppell, Texas.

As one of the main distribution centers for mail coming to and from North Texas, the mail delays have caused a stir for residents in the region. At this time, there has been no expected resume date for the center and mail for the region has been rerouted to other centers throughout the state.

“We did receive some mail in today, but the distribution center in Coppell still isn’t back to normal,” said one employee. “Our mail is being rerouted and I’m not sure when Coppell’s center will be all cleaned up.”

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  1. Plant opened up on Tuesday morning and large quantities of mail was received at the local post offices for delivery on Wednesday. A lot of it was not presorted for the carriers. I’m sure it’s going to take several days to just get partially caught up.

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