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Greenville firefighter and veteran is in need of help || Nate Stoker


Photo: Facebook via Greenville Fire and Rescue

A Greenville firefighter is in need of help.

According to officials on the Greenville Fire and Rescue Facebook page, this past weekend, one of their firefighters, Nate Stoker, who is also in the Army Reserves, suffered an injury while his unit was training for his fourth deployment.  


“The incident has caused him to lose his eye and his friends and family are raising money to help with the cost of a prosthetic eye above any costs that the military would cover,” officials said. “Please feel free to share in support of our firefighter/veteran Nate Stoker. Nate is as tough as they come and we are praying for a speedy recovery so that he can get back to firefighting with us.”


Click below to donate to his GoFundMe account.


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