greenville fire rescue

Greenville Fire-Rescue’s Remembering When Coalition is looking for vendors for its senior resource fair to be held in February 2019.

The Remembering When Coalition educates older adults on 16 fire and fall safety initiatives to prevent and/or reduce injury and deaths as seniors are more at risk than the general population.

The “Senior Living” event is open to any business or agency that provides older adults products or services that allow them to live more independently or that provides them venues for an active lifestyle.


The event will be held Tuesday, February 19th from 10 a.m. -2 p.m. at the Fletcher Warren Civic Center and is co-hosted by Greenville Fire-Rescue, Family First Home Health, and Greenville Firefighter’s Association Local 997. Bad weather make-up day is March 5th, same time and location.

Cost per booth is $50 and are available on a first come-first served basis. Booth spaces are limited so book early. Vendors should plan for about 300 attendees and are encouraged to bring a $25 value door prize for the day of the event. Funds go to supporting Remembering When efforts such as installing bath handrails in identified homes when conducting home safety visits.

For more info, contact Sylvia R. Peace at 903-457-2940. Coalition members include Greenville Fire-Rescue, Volunteers from Greenville Citizen’s Fire and Police Academy Alumni Associations, Greenville Golden Kiwanis, National Senior Care, Family First Home Health, Hunt County Agri-Life Extension Family and Community Health Division, Hunt County AMR/EMS, and the Greenville Firefighter’s Association Local 997.