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Greenville animal control officials address coyote, bobcat sightings in town


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Due to the recent wild animal sightings in some areas, Greenville Animal Control would like to remind citizens that bobcats and coyotes are a part of the normal wildlife found in Greenville.

Normally these animals are very shy and will be most active during dusk and dawn, but it is not unusual to occasionally spot them in the daylight hours.

The best way to discourage wildlife from living in your neighborhood is to take the following preventative steps:


1. Feed pets only what they will eat at one time, and pick up the leftover food. Do not leave pet food outside overnight.

2. Store garbage in a sturdy container with a tight-fitting lid. Do not put garbage out on the curb overnight.

3. Put compost in enclosed bins instead of exposed piles.

4. Clean up around bird feeders. Split seeds from bird feeders attract prey, such as rats, mice, rabbits, and birds.

5. Keep small dogs and cats indoors at night. Watch them when they are outside during the day.

6. Do not allow pets to roam free.

7. Carry something to make a loud noise such as a whistle or air horn when you walk or jog to scare off an animal.

8. If you encounter a wild animal, make lots of noise, or spray the animal with water to drive it away. Negative experiences with humans will help deter them from making their homes in neighborhoods.

9. Perform routine repairs to homes and remove debris from yards. Maintain skirting and trim on the home, fix any holes that appear on the outside of the home, and secure skirting on/around decks and sheds to eliminate desirable locations for wild animals to live. Piles of brush, tall grass, or firewood stacked above the ground can also contribute to wild animal habitation.

Please note: Animal Control does not trap healthy wild animals. However, if a wild animal is acting sick or injured animal control staff will come out to assess the situation, and if removal is deemed necessary, will take steps to remove the animal.

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