Donald Trump won the Presidential Election and also won the best Halloween costume in 2016.  The blond haired, sulky mask is back again this year as a favorite for adults.  In most stores where masks are sold, you will find various ones with different Trump facial expressions.  Add a suit and red tie, an American Flag pin and you’re good to go.

Next up, the the Stephen King character from his hit horror movie “It”; meet Pennywise the clown.  Actually Pennywise is the most coveted of costumes.   If you haven’t seen the movie I can definitely recommend it, but then again I am a Stephen King fan and let’s face it, clowns are creepy.  Adaptions of the evil clown have already swept the internet on Instagram and Youtube with make-up tutorials and costume ideas designed for fans of all ages to recreate the devious character.


For the ladies we have Wonder Woman.  Now who wouldn’t want to be a super hero?  You can find good adaptations of the costume at a nearby stores such as  Party City of Spirit Halloween.   This particular costume (to the right)  is a scaled down version of many I saw and it looks very authentic. You can find it at 

Melissa McCarthy made Sean Spicer a household name for her portrayal of the very animated press secretary on Saturday Night Live.  Again this costume is one you can piece together with a suit and a hair piece.

While there are lots of great ideas for costumes, who could forget April the giraffe.  We all watched in anticipation for April to bring her new born into the world for what seemed like 25 years, so why not have a tribute to this very famous animal.  You can order an April costumes from Amazon, Etsy and various other websites online.  And as you can see April is good for both men or women.

Most of these costumes range in price for $35 – $85.  Of course the closer it gets to Halloween the bigger the discount.

Join us next week as we highlight top kids costumes.  Happy Halloween.