The Paris Fire Department collaborated with local videographers to produce a dreamy lip-sync video that was published Wednesday evening. In less than 48 hours, the video has made it’s way to Fox 4 News, the Star-Telegram, the NYPD, Oregon, Iowa and beyond.

The now viral video began as a brainstorming meeting with the “C Shift” at the Paris Fire Department, Broadway of iamBroadway, Jeff Davis of Jeff Davis Media and Lea Emerson with eParisExtra. Everyone pitched ideas for less than an hour and then the fun began.

Check out the video at this link, or if you’ve already watched it and are back for more there’s a couple of onset bloopers below.

The video now has 200,000 views on youtube and climbing with millions of views Facebook, a two-minute segment on Fox 4, and was featured on CNN’s Morning Express with Robin Meade, the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram and many more.

Prescotte Stokes of the Star-Telegram said the video was cinematic and VEVO-ready while Clarice Tinsley on Fox 4 said it had production value.

Seen dancing shirtless in the mirror and again dressed as a police officer is Driver Engineer Cade Oats who recalls his experience from being involved in the video.

“What I liked most about it was being able to cut loose and have fun together,” said Oats

Oats was at work when he heard the news that the video had made way to Fox 4 and would be aired later in the evening. Oats said he never dreamed in a million years that it would take off the way it did.

“Paris seems to get nothing but negative attention so it’s awesome to be a part of something positive,” said Oats. “I’m really grateful to the community for their support and the positive action. It has really made it all worth it.”

Broadway said he knew the video had merit as all three videographers walked away feeling excited about the footage they were able to capture throughout the two-days of filming.

“Ultimately, it’s the result of the perfect combination of creative collaboration and willingness from all parties involved,” said Broadway. “It really was a group effort and everyone was committed from the beginning to the end.”

Jordan Blackshear is seen in the Thunder scene as the lead man after pitching the song choice to the group, he said the song “got his blood pumping”, and if that song was chosen then he was all in.

“As owners of eParisExtra, Tom and I are thrilled to have Lea on staff and working with Broadway and Jeff recently has been a delight. They are all so creative and this video was an opportunity to bring our community together with a bit of fun, and I would say mission accomplished,” said eParisExtra Managing Partner Toni McDowra.