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Golf Tips with Cathy Harbin || Winter: making lemonade out of lemons


If you are a golfer, there are many things to dislike about winter. The dark nights, the frosty mornings, and the end of the golf season. Despite those negatives, winter can be one of the most productive times for golfers.

The winter provides golfers with the most valuable commodity required for game improvement – time. During the height of the golf season, you are playing regularly and may not want to disrupt that flow by making technical adjustments. But during the winter, you have time to identify what needs changing in your swing and you have time to fix it without worrying about the effects on your immediate play.

Let me explain. When we set up to hit a golf shot, our brain sends a message to our body to hit the ball. The most efficient way of doing this is to let automatic processes take over and not think too much about it. In order to change our golf technique, it is necessary to interfere with that automatic process and train our body to do a different movement when the brain tells the body to hit the ball. This requires thinking – which disrupts that nice automatic process required to play well. Unless we have time to work through this process and ingrain a new movement pattern, it is most likely that we revert to our old, comfortable (sometimes flawed!) way of swinging the club.

So instead of seeing winter as a negative for your golf game, consider it a positive. Decide what you want to improve in your technique and enjoy having time to work at it.

Practice well, Jeb Stuart

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