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Defensive driving course can help with ticket dismissal and lowering car insurance costs


A new law passed in November has now made obtaining a Defensive Driving Certificate easier for drivers hoping to obtain ticket dismissal or lower their insurance premiums. 

According to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR), more than 500,000 defensive driving courses were taken in Texas in the last 12 months. Until November 1, each student was required by law to receive a physical certificate to prove completion of the course.


Now, through defensivedriving.com, students can complete the course and download the Certificate of Completion instantly. The new law will impact hundreds of thousands of drivers each year who no longer have to wait for USPS or pay extra for FedEx shipping to receive their certificate.

According to defensivedriving.com, drivers can take the $25 course which can lead to substantial savings on car insurance premiums, with benefits of including a 10% discounts offered by many insurance companies when drivers provide a Certificate of Completion from the course.

DefensiveDriving.com’s course guarantees the dismissal of driver’s tickets, or the company will pay the ticket up to $250. Other course capabilities include:

  • Completion of a defensive driving course in as a few as six hours
  • The ability to start and stop courses at anytime
  • 100% online, mobile and tablet-friendly
  • The new ability for instant Certificate of Completion download