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Creative Arts Center’s Christmas Shopping tips to reduce stress


Every Christmas, shoppers around the country take advantage of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas sales throughout the retail industry. Often, they are too busy to stop and analyze their shopping strategy. The Creative Arts Center wants you to know there are a number of ways to reduce stress and anxiety this shopping season while saving money.
First, remember that shopping in your local area saves travel time, money for fuel, wear and tear on your vehicle (and your nerves) and boosts your local economy. It can also pay off. After driving an hour or more to
“save money” at Metroplex shopping opportunities, fighting traffic and lines in the stores, it’s likely you could have saved an equal amount and experienced less stress if time had been taken to investigate local shops.
Second, shopping at department stores and gift shops may also save you time. Those types of stores offer a wide variety of gifts versus specialty stores, so you can cover more of the shopping on your gift list. You are also more likely to find unique gifts that are more memorable.
If saving money is extremely important, shop in between meals – eat lunch or breakfast at home and then go shopping. Eating meals out, especially with several kids in tow, can stretch a family budget.
Don’t forget to shop safely – keep your phone, wallet and credit cards in a secure place (not always a back pocket!) and don’t lay your phone, purse or wallet down. Ever.
So, this holiday season, check out the wonderful shopping opportunities in Bonham – there are many! Gift shops, clothing stores, hardware stores – there should be something for nearly everyone on your Christmas list. You will save money in the long run by shopping in your hometown.
The Creative Arts Center is one of Bonham’s best places to shop for memorable gifts and at a wide range of price points. The center is located at 200 W. 5th Street in Bonham, one block west of the square where there are more great shops to visit while you’re in town.
For more information on the center’s shop and programs, visit www.creativeartscenterbonham.com or call 903-640-2196.