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Another school closing due to flu


Yesterday Honey Grove ISD closed due to dozens of students out sick with the flu.  The district’s buildings and buses will be cleaned and sanitized.  The schools will re-open on Monday.

Nearby Rivercrest ISD also closed down for two days this week after almost 40 students were diagnosed with the flu or flu like symptoms.

Flu activity statewide is considered widespread according to the Texas Department of State Health Services. The percentage of flu testings by hospitals increased 4.3 percent from the week of January 8-14 to the week of January 15-21 to 21.3 percent.


The good-news is, health experts say it appears that this year’s flu shot matched the strains of flu that are in circulation.  It is still too early to attach a percentage to the effectiveness of this year’s shot, however last year’s shot was only 47 percent effective.  Two years ago, the shot was only 19 percent effective, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

What can you do to shorten the duration of the flu should you contract it?:

Some doctors recommend taking antivirals like Tamiflu or Relenza with 48 house of contracting the virus which can shorten the duration and also help with symptoms.

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