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Red Velvet Cake Truffles || Health contributor, Erin Finch


Last week I shared with you all a delicious Red Beet Juice that would be fun to enjoy on Valentine’s Day, but I also promised I would be sharing with you all something a little sweeter this week that you could enjoy on Valentine’s Day, so I am keeping that promise.

The star of this recipe is once again, BEETS! Surprise surprise. Its strong natural red color is what takes the place of artificial red colors and dyes to make these into a healthy nutrient dense red cake ball. They are also gluten free, grain free and have the option to also be dairy free.

If cake balls and beets don’t sound like a good combo to you, TRUST ME, you will be so surprised at how good these are!!! I have taken these to multiple parties and made them for family members that had no clue these were a healthy version of cake balls until I told them what was in them.

Another fun fact about these cake balls…It has been a tradition every year for my husband’s birthday that I make him red velvet cake balls (his absolute favorite..and not the healthy kind). This year, he actually requested that I make this version instead!


So, I’m going to go ahead and just stop right now trying to tell you how good these are and just give you the recipe.

Enjoy, compliments of Planks Love and Guacamole Blog! She nailed it on this recipe.