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Greenville Chamber of Commerce supports bond proposals


The Greenville Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors passed two resolutions in support of bond proposals on the ballot for the upcoming May elections.

One resolution backs the City of Greenville’s street bond proposal that would pay for improvements to Stonewall and Sayle streets. The resolution states that “well- maintained streets and roads are critical to businesses, employees and citizens in the Greenville area” and praises the Greenville City Council for its ”track record of responsible financial decisions, including lowering taxes and implementing a conservative pay-as-you-go spending plan.”


A second resolution supports the Hunt Memorial Hospital District’s bond proposal, which would fund improvements to the Greenville hospital. The resolution says, “convenient and high-quality health care services play an important role in supporting the long-term growth of our city.”

The resolution also praises the hospital system for being “a strong partner of the Greenville business and volunteer community for many years, increasingly earning a reputation for quality health outcomes and convenience for local patients.”

“Our Board of Directors thought both these proposals were wise and necessary investments that will help facilitate growth in our community,” said Byron Taylor, CEO of the Greenville Chamber of Commerce. “Local businesses depend on good infrastructure and quality health care services, and we’re in favor of projects that help pave the way for a strong future in Greenville.”

The full text of the resolutions can be found online at GreenvilleChamber.com, or below.

Resolution in Support of City of Greenville’s May 2019 Bond Election for Street Improvements


Resolution in Support of the Hunt Memorial Hospital District’s May 2019 Bond Election