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Mass School Shootings – Guns, God and Morals || See it, Say it


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Back when I was in school which was a very long time ago, the common complaints of teachers were no talking in class, no chewing gum and no running in the halls.  Today school officials across the country are dealing with rape, robbery, assault and shootings.  So what happened?

Some would say during the years of 1962-63 when the Supreme Court made the decision to remove the Bible and prayer from our schools it may have been the most spiritually significant event in our nation’s history over the course of the last 55 years.  I will leave my opinion out, but I do think not just young people, but as a society, we have forgotten the principles of love, forgiveness and the Golden Rule.


We also live in a society where children today witness so much violence just by watching the news or playing violent video games, they have become desensitized.  If a kid is already at risk and on the edge they may find inspiration in violent video games and violent media. I am in the media business, but today’s media almost glamorizes school shooters by playing the recordings over and over on broadcast TV.  It’s almost as if they are poking the next shooter to one-up the last one.  We don’t need to give these people any power of the media.  They should be ignored.

Next, we blame the guns.  Do guns kill or do people kill?  I certainly don’t know the answer here either, but guns are most likely not going to go away and neither is mental illness.  Together they are a lethal combination and you throw violent behavior, desensitization, and no moral compass into the mix –seems like a recipe for disaster. So what do we do?  We speak up. If you see something suspicious at school or you witness a violent act, speak up.  If you see someone being bullied or hurt, speak up.  It’s time for all of us to speak up.  See It Say It – Stop School Shootings.

Toni McDowra
Toni McDowra graduated from Texas A&M Commerce with a Bachelor in Business & Marketing. She started her career right here in Paris, TX selling media advertising for KBUS radio.


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