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Chris Knight speaks Red Dirt Vibes || eExtra Exclusive


Singer/songwriter Chris Knight is set to hit Heritage Hall’s stage on Aug. 22 at 8 p.m.

Knight describes his music as a mix of country, country rock, folk-rock and a “little bit of pop influence in there.


“It’s just singer/songwriter stuff, music-to-story and some are a little less of a story, but they’re all mostly story,” Knight said.

He said he had quite a few influences in his lifetime — growing up in the 70s. Some influences included Jackson Browne, Lynyrd Skynyrd, James Taylor, the Eagles, Jonathan Edwards, Gordon Lightfoot and John Prine.

“I had a lot of musical influences. I started playing guitar when I was 15, and started writing songs when I was 26 — songs I would play for anybody,” Knight said. “I was 10 years old in 1970. I learned to play a few Gordon Lightfoot songs and John Prine. I played a bunch of John Prine songs. I got up a repertoire to play for people and took the guitar around with me everywhere.”

Knight said, when he began writing songs, he sent some to Nashville and received good feedback.

“After about six years, I went to Nashville and got on a writer’s night and met the guy who would get me signed to my first record deal,” Knight said. “I received my first writing deal in ’94, and I have been making a living in the music business ever since.”

For those who may want to follow in his footsteps, Knight recommends they have a back-up plan.

“You need something to fall back on, for sure,” Knight said. “It’s good to follow your dreams — I had a dream at 15, a dream to be in the music business, but I figured the smarter course would be to go to college and get a college education.

“After I worked for about ten years, after I got out of college, I came back around and wasn’t married at the time, had no kids, so it was easy for me to give it a shot,” Knight said. “I wasn’t afraid. You can’t just want to do it, it’s something you know.”

Prior to his music career, Knight said he was a strip mine inspector and worked in coal mines.

“I was an inspector for five years, and before that, I worked for a consultant,” Knight said. “We did work for the mining industry. I’m sure I’d still be doing something in that field, if not, still being an inspector.”

Knight said he appreciated his inspector job, and if he was not playing music, he said he might work in the environmental field or land conservation.

“I may have even become a surveyor or a civil engineer,” Knight said. “I worked with a lot of civil engineers before I got into the music business.”

Knight said he may have even jumped into the real estate business, “I don’t really know.

“I’ve never worked a job that I hated, other than when I was a kid, hauling hay,” he said.

Tickets for Knight’s Aug. 22 concert are available at heritagehallparistx.com.

General admission is $20 and $25 for those under 21 years old. A four-person table, not including tickets, is $40. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the show runs until 11 p.m.

Heritage Hall is at 1009 W. Kaufman St.

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