A local tattoo artist is responsible for bringing the first ever Body Art Expo to the Paris, Texas, area.

Daniel Garza of Electric Steel is a local tattoo artist of five years and specializes in realism in color and black and grey, and has won several awards for his work.

Garza said he saw the need for a Body Art Expo that would offer creative talent and minds to the region of Northeast Texas and knew Paris, Texas, was ready for an event of this kind. The event will feature up to 50 artists from all over the map including a few visiting from Michigan, North Carolina, California and even Indonesia.

“There will be some of the best tattoo artists in the industry as well as about four piercers at the event,” said Garza.

The expo, scheduled Aug. 3-5, will be at Love Civic Center in Paris, Texas, and guests of all ages are welcome to attend. The cost of the event is $15 for a day pass or come and go as you please throughout the weekend for $35.

“Any age is welcome to attend, but only those 18 and older can get a tattoo at the event,” said Garza. “If a minor wants to get a piercing they just need to have a parent or guardian present and bring a birth certificate and picture ID.”

Not only will the expo create an opportunity for attending guest to get tattoos from various artist, there will also be a series of contests that will judge previously completed tattoos in a number of categories.

“There will be tattoos given at the center as well as a panel of judges for each piece,” said Garza. “They will also judge tattoos that have already been completed, so if people have pieces they are proud of then they can enter into the contests as well.”

Among the contests, there will also be printed artwork available for viewing and purchase. Garza said it will be a great place to pick up some unique pieces of work that can’t be found anywhere else. The prices will range from $5-$25.

If you are interested in attending, click here to purchase a ticket. For those who would like to schedule an appointment for a tattoo, Garza is available to help you navigate through which artists are available and help match you with the right artist for your specific piece.

“I’ll send through a list of suggested artists based on what they specialize in, and from there the client and the artist will communicate directly,” said Garza.

Garza can be reached through this Facebook page.