cash vfd
Photo: Cash Volunteer Fire Department

Thursday night while Cash firefighters were working a scene, their primary medical bag was stolen. The bag with all of its contents totals about $1,000, officials said.
As with most of the fire departments in Hunt County, Cash VFD is run primarily on donations to operate, so a $1,000 loss hits very hard, officials said.

“Our firefighters serve for free, dedicating their blood, sweat, and tears to their fellow man,” one official said. “All they ask is for the equipment to do the job. All we ask is the bag to be returned with all the equipment. No questions asked. You can drop it at the station or contact us to pick it up.”  
The majority of fire departments in Hunt County are volunteer departments, and respond to all 9-1-1 calls of service including wrecks, fires, and medical calls. The firefighters do not receive pay or compensation for responding to calls for service. 
Operating costs, including fuel and equipment, are procured by fundraising and donations. Unlike a municipal fire department,  volunteer fire departments do not receive tax money.


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