Date Range: March 11, 2019 – March 12, 2019 

Cagle, Matthew Scott – Parole violation

Ford, Billy Jack – Failure to comply with sex offenders requirement

Ibarra, Erika – JO/Possession of controlled substance PG 1>=1g<4g; Non-reportable charge

Cooper, Monte Wood – Non-reportable charge; ROP/Unlicensed possession of firearm by felon

Brown, Kenneth Jurase Ashaun – JO/Aggravated assault date/family/household member with weapon

Farrell, Scout Elizabeth Ann – MTR/Resist arrest; Non-reportable charge

Collins, Anthony Ray Jr. – Assault causes bodily injury; Assault on public servant; Attempt to take weapon from officer; Resist arrest, search, or transport; Robbery

Lairsey, Cole – Burglary of vehicle; Possession of controlled substance PG 1>=1g<4g; Tamper or fabricate physical evidence with intent to impair

All individuals arrested are innocent until proven guilty. The information above is provided by the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office. 


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