Date Range: September 11, 2018 – September 12, 2018

ROGERS, DORA JEAN – Duty on striking fixture/landscape>=$200; Assault causes bodily injury family violence

SINGH, DAVID – Sex offenders duty to register life/annually

SMITH, KAREN ELAINE – Hinder apprehension or prosecution known felon

MONTO, ANGELA NICHOLE – JO/Driving while intoxicated BAC>=.15

SMITH, KALAYAH DALE – MTR/Possession of controlled substancePG 3 < 28G (two counts); MTR/Possession of marijuana <2oz (two counts)

JONES, MICHAEL RAY – JO/Possession of controlled substance PG 1 >=1G<4G; JO/Manufacturing or delivery of controlled substance PG 1 >=4G<200G

GIVENS, ROBERT LEE – DWI 3rd or more; Nonreportable charge

HOLMES, RASHARD TYREAL –  FTA/Tamper fabricate with identification numbers personal property

SEWELL, JUSTIN SCOTT – BW/Possession of marijuana <2oz

LYNCH, THOMAS SAMUEL – Assault causes bodily injury family violence; Violation of protective order (two counts)

SPARKS, JORDAN DARSHEI – MTR/Driving while license invalid with previous conv/susp w/o fin res