Date Range: November 26, 2018 – November 27, 2018

Torres, Eliseo
Driving while license invalid with previous conviction or suspension

GREEN, KELBY THOMAS LAIN – Possession of marijuana <2oz

Lamberson, Kelley Lynn
Assault-Class C by threat
Obstruction or retaliation

Helms, Johnny Michael, Jr.

Jones, Raymond Dean
Jo/Man delivery of controlled substance PG 1>=1g<4g
Jo/possession of a controlled substance PG 1<1g
JO/Theft of a firearm
Jo/unlicensed possession of firearm

Rees, Keegan Thomas
JO/possession of a controlled substance PG 1 < 1g

Shuler, John Michael
Impersonate public servant
MTR/Possession of controlled substance PG 1<1g
ROP/Unlicensed carrying of a weapon

Foster, Jeffery Scott
Possession of controlled substance PG 2-A <=2oz (K2)
VOB/MTR/Bail Jumping and failure to appear

Campbell, Randall Lance
Accident involving damage to a vehicle 0/$200

Hubbard, Devin Demarcus
JO/possession of controlled substance PG 1<1g (Cocaine)
MTR/Possession of marijuana <2 oz
ROP/Possession of controlled substance PG 1<1g

Prock, Heather Leanne
Resist arrest, search, or transport
Theft of property >=$100<$750

Bremer, Dana L.
ROS/Burglary of a habitation

Griffin, Roderick, Jr.
Possession of marijuana <2 oz

Not Pictured

Failure to maintain financial responsibility 

No drivers license

Theft of property >=2,500<30,000

Scott, Brittany Nycole
Theft of property >=$2,500<$30k

All individuals arrested are innocent until proven guilty. The information above is provided by the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office. 



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