Date Range: January 3, 2019 – January 4, 2019 

Snider, Jeffrey Jack – MTR/DWI BAC>= 0.15

Huffman-Gray, Jarod London – Possession of marijuana <2 oz

Cole, Eugene – Driving while license invalid with previous conviction or suspension without fine resolution (3 counts); Evading arrest/detention with vehicle; Evading arrest/detention; JO/Obstruction or retaliation (2 counts); Operate all terrain vehicle on public roadway; Possession of controlled substance PG 1 <1g; Possession of controlled substance PG 1>=1g<4g; Possession of marijuana <2 oz; Possession of drug paraphernalia; Prohibited weapon; Tamper/fabricate physical evidence with intent to impair; Unlicensed possession of firearm by felon

Johnson, Jesseka – Parole Violation

Buck, Jeremiah Ray – Assault on family/house member impede breathing or circulation; Interfere with emergency call

Louek, Sirena – Possession of controlled substance PG 2 <1g

Malone, James Edward – Criminal trespass

All individuals arrested are innocent until proven guilty. The information above is provided by the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office. 



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