Date Range: January 18, 2019 – January 20, 2019

Jones, Todd Aaron – Assault family or house member impedes breathing or circulation

Terry, Deann Katrice – JO/Man delivery of conrolled substance PG 1>=4g<200g

Philip, Sean Gerald Jr. – MTR/Resist arrest or search or transport; Non-reportable charge; REV/Prohibited harrassment of public servant

Newbern, Dylan Michael – Driving while intoxicated 2nd; Failure to maintain financial responsibility; Failure to drive in single lane; Failure to appear traffic; Open container in vehicle

Kolkow, Douglas William – ROP/Fraud use/possession of identifying info # items; ROP/Possession of controlled substance PG 1 <1g

Jackson-Grant, Corie Dewayne – Aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon (2 counts); BF/Possession of marijuana <2 oz; BF/Unauthorized use of vehicle; BF/Unlicensed possession of firearm by felon; Burglary of vehicle; Conspiracy; Possession of marijuana <2 oz; Theft of firearm (2 counts); Unauthorized use of vehicle

Tillery, Steven Michael – Aggravated robbery

Peace, James Capp – Driving while intoxicated/open container 3rd or more


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Woodruff, James Glenn – Issuance of bad check

Segraves, Teressa Shyann – Disorderly conduct

Shepard, Josh Arthur – Possession of controlled substance PG 2 < 1g; Possession of marijuana <2 oz

Dunn, Austin Tyler – Assault causes bodily injury

Decker, Austin Tyler – Evading arrest/detention with vehicle; ROS/delivery of marijuana <1/4oz; ROS/Possession of controlled substance PG1>=1g<4g; ROS/Possession of controlled substance PG 1 >1g<4g;Unauthroized use of vehicle

Black, Cecil Ray – CPF/No drivers license when unlicensed; Engage in organized criminal activity

Goddard, Elizabeth Carol – ROP/Possession of controlled substance PG 1 <1g

Stokes, Ryan Xavier – Assault causes bodily injury


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Hill, Andrew Lee – Assault on public servant; Theft of property <$100 with previous conviction; Theft of property <$2500 2 or more previous convictions

Kellar, Casey Ryan – Driving while intoxicated 3rd or more; Driving while license invalid

All individuals arrested are innocent until proven guilty. The information above is provided by the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office.