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False report determined for mother who claimed man exposed himself to her and her child


On May 18, 2019, a report was made with the Greenville Police Department
about a man who allegedly exposed himself to a mother and a small child at the Lowe’s in
Greenville, Texas. An investigation was initiated into the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Over the next few days, investigators worked diligently to review videos of the incident while also interviewing the alleged suspect and the alleged victim.
During conversations with the alleged victim, she contradicted herself and changed the details of her story. The alleged suspect voluntarily came to meet with investigators on his own accord and fully cooperated with the investigation. The statements made by the alleged suspect about his activity in the store were confirmed by security video. Investigators continued to complete more interviews while also reviewing all of the video footage provided by Lowe’s.

It was conclusively determined that the alleged victim fabricated her entire story. The alleged victim has a charge pending of False Report to a Police Officer.


The alleged suspect has been cleared of any wrongdoing and will not be charged with a crime in relation to this incident.

We wish to thank the employees of Lowe’s for their cooperation in this incident by providing videos and statements which were crucial to the proper outcome of the investigation.

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