Author: Toni McDowra

Ten deaths and 37 poison cases reported after children take the Tide detergent pod challenge

  No joke – Children are eating Tide detergent pods My son is now a grown man and, during his teen years, we had the usual silly antics of a teenager; water balloon fights with other neighborhood kids, getting into trouble for his hair being too long in high school and the occasional beer. But never have I ever heard of kids challenging one another to eat detergent pods. Lately, videos are popping up all over social media showing kids biting into brightly colored liquid laundry detergent pods. They are also cooking them up in frying pans and chewing them...

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New Texas laws going into effect for 2018

Texas lawmakers were busy during the 2017 Legislature making laws. It’s what they do. Don’t be surprised if you’re asked to show your photo ID the next time you use a debit or credit card to make a purchase. Many retailers already ask to see an ID, but as of January 1, Texas law will allow any retailers to reject any sale where shoppers can’t or won’t show their photo ID. Senate Bill 1381 states, “While clearly not a panacea, [this bill] allows a merchant to request government-issued photo identification at the point of sale and will provide the...

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The Texas Legislature 2017 – Top Stories

Bathrooms, business and sanctuary cities — Oh, my! There is no doubt the spotlight was on Texas politics in 2017. The action-packed session gave way to even more action during a special session and the resignation of House Speaker Joe Straus. Here are the top stories that shaped Texas politics in 2017: Straus gives up the gavel – Many shocked House Speaker Joe Straus shocked the Texas political world when he announced in October he would not seek re-election after serving a five-year term. Straus had previously said he would seek re-election for House Speaker in 2019 and when...

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