After a Quinlan teen’s service dog was fatally shot in her front yard in January, she was gifted a new dog on Sunday.

Hannah Westmoreland, 15, received her original diabetic service dog, Journey, four years ago after the town raised $10,000 for her to adopt him.

In January, Hannah’s mother, Tina, said she stepped outside to find Journey had been shot. Despite taking him to the veterinarian, Journey died in surgery.

On Sunday, Amy Novacek and her husband, former Dallas Cowboys tight end Jay Novacek, stepped up to the plate to help Westmoreland.

“I mean, it’s one thing to kill a pet, that’s just horrible in itself,” Amy Novacek told NBCDFW. “But to take an individual that keeps her function and moving .”

The Novaceks have a service dog breeding program called the 84 Labradoodles.

“Maybe we can patch that a little bit, and this can get her healing and moving forward and give her a little confidence and trust and faith in people again,” Amy said to NBCDFW.

Police are still seeking information on who shot Journey and a reward is still being offered.

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