Date Range: February 26, 2019 – February 27, 2019 

Mistretta, Vonna Leigh – Duty on striking unattended vehicle <=$200

Hoots, Ricky Lynn – Cruelty to non-livestock animals: Fail to provide

Howell, Wesley Dwayne – ROP/Burglary of habitation

Gipner, Garry Alan – Possession of marijuana <2oz; Public intoxication

Wright, Ashley Renee – Driving while license invalid with previous conviction or suspension without fine resolution

Waits, Rebecca Jayyne – Cruelty to non-livestock animals: Fail to provide

Mayfield, Richardson Trios – JO/Possession of controlled substance PG 1<1g

Sui, Michael – MTR/Driving while intoxicated 2nd; MTR/Unlicensed carrying a weapon


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Mahoney, Rodney Glenn – MTR/Burglary of building

Cabrera, Jaime Venegas – Assault class C – by threat

Victory, Robert Douglas – Indecency with child sexual act

Lizardi-Uribe, Jose Heriberto – Driving while intoxicated

Slack, Kelli Laine – Driving while intoxicated; Resist arrest search or transport

All individuals arrested are innocent until proven guilty. The information above is provided by the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office.