The long-awaited autopsy results for a Greenville baby found dead at Prime Stop gas station earlier this year have been released.

“We received the autopsy report for Alexiana Stevenson,” said Public Information Officer Kathy Lucas. “The report states that, based on the case history and findings, the death would be classified as a sudden unexplained infant death.”

Lucas said the report states “it is unclear if the unsafe sleeping environment contributed to the cause of death.”

No new charges have been filed against her mother or aunt, who called 9-1-1 at the gas station saying the infant was unresponsive.

Affidavits and photos obtained by eExtra News indicate the baby was living in an unsafe environment, her crib nestled on the floor of a shed between a propane tank and heater, covered in trash and tools. Click here to see photos from the home.

The sisters, Stephanie and Shawn Flynn, were taken to Hunt County Detention Center. The father, Jeremy Michael Stevenson, was found hiding in a tree in Fannin County the next day, where he was arrested. Stephanie remains in Hunt County Detention Center on $50,000 bond for moving the corpse, however, officials said she has a parole hold and will not be allowed to bail-out. Shawn bonded out Jan. 9 from a $50,000 bond. Stevenson awaits extradition from Fannin County Sheriff’s Office.


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